we are

All in for Change is led by a Change Team of people from across Scotland committed to ending homelessness.

Each member brings unique knowledge to the team: we are experts in what homelessness looks like within our networks, for the people who are most affected. We bridge the gap between policy, planning and action on the ground.

We are represented on the Homeless Prevention Strategy Group (HPSG). This work is funded by the Scottish Government and the Frontline Network, from St Martin-in-the-Fields. 


“I became homeless, literally in the span of two hours. It’s a moment that left deep scars and forced me into a rough lifestyle. Being a member of the change team, I work with peers who I won’t worry will judge my past. It has also provided a wealth of understanding into the complexities of homelessness in Scotland, and what must change. I’ve been fortunate enough have helped with research that will benefit those who are homeless or facing homelessness.”

“I joined Homeless network Scotland as an associate because I wanted to help change the system. I believe we need to address the misunderstandings of homelessness. I want to be part of enacting change. I strongly believe the route to ending homelessness lies within communities.

More community involvement and awareness will help us work towards ending homelessness. I want to give something back. I believe I am being given the opportunity to do that by participating in the AIFC program.” 

“Everyone brings something different to the Change Team table. Lived experience and frontline working come together where we connect, listen, and learn from each other. We are passionate, committed and focused on ending Homelessness and that is why I am a member of the Change Team.

I have been involved in monthly retreats, consultations, workshops, conferences and meeting various Scottish Government Officials focusing on the root causes of homelessness and how we influence change at a higher level. There is an appetite for change, let’s not lose momentum.”